Evolutionary tilt?

Nov 27, 2017

Slapping arseholes?

It's been on my mind of late. You know? The whole human behaviour thing. What is is that makes people behave the way they do? So here's a cross post from another forum.
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Posted by: andrew

Do Arseholes Really Need Slapping?

Today I saw another "All people are on (choose internet forum) are arseholes comment". Which made me sigh.


See? Just like that. I recon I see one comment or rant bemoaning the human condition on most of my logins. Maybe? I'm not actually sure as I tend to forget them pretty quickly. Though today, for some reason, I'm inclined to write.

We sort of know what makes people say these things already. But I think I'd like to explore it a little.. ..out loud.

I live in a Perth suburb where human population is a little sparser than would normally be expected. This is basically because there is less room here to build actual places to live. You see, much of the real-estate here is taken up by churches. Though there is a Jewish community centre and also a mosque I think? I've never lived in a place with such density of religious edifice. A fair few of them are those new North American type, that push the theory Jesus want's you to be well dressed and rich.

So what do I think this has to do with peeps on the interwebs complaining about other peeps? Well sit tight and I'll get to that by way of this example.

Being where I am and all, there are regular knocks on my door. When I answer it, I'll find that someone claiming to care a great deal for me is wanting me to join their particular religious tribe. So far these have always been Christian in flavour. I'm guessing that this is because the Jewish community has some sort of matriarchal bar they think I'm unable to attain and that the local Muslims are busy minding their own business. Some people would find this pretty annoying, but if you take the time to understand it, you'll see it's just average human behaviour. Which makes it easier to excuse.

In every human community there is competition to be the best. Either the richest, the most beautiful, the most popular (see previous two points) and the most powerful. So I think it's normal evolutionary behaviour for one tribe to want justify it's position on the current evolutionary ladder by collecting more members. "Hey look at how good we are". These religious door knockers amuse me as a good percentage of them are no-doubt creationists. But here they are demonstrating an evolutionary principal to me. What beautiful irony the Universe displays.

The sad fact for them is. I'm comfortable in my current tribe of one. As an atheist (a non prophet organisation) they will get little traction from me. I'm always polite, explain I'm an atheist and thank them for caring. None have ever stayed to debate me, though occasionally I get an anonymous letter saying I'm a bad man that needs to be saved.

So back to FetLife. Imagine you and your tribe are not particularly well regarded. Maybe you are not rich, beautiful, popular and powerful. Imagine unlike me, you are not happy with your tribe of one. How would that feel? If these things were important to you, you'd almost certainly feel you were slipping down an evolutionary rung or two. Would you feel a little lost at sea? What would you do?

It's my experience that most people who say or do shitty things to other people are either lost and out of sorts.. ..or have some sort of mental problem. Being shitty is their last resort to assert them selves when all else has failed. I think it's actually equally shitty to be pissed off with them. Unless you like booting someone who's struggling. I don't have a problem with pointing out where someone's behaviour is poor. But name calling, generalisations and ad hominem attacks are probably equally poor form.

Well done. You've just lowered your self to the evolutionary rung of the person you were shitty with. I guess you needed to climb down there to give them a good slapping.

Good luck climbing back up afterwards though.