Dec 5, 2017

Mangift difficulty?

What are you going to buy the bloke in your life? If this question is stressing you? Read on for some "mansight".
Category: General
Posted by: andrew
Twice today, a woman has asked me about buying a SRHF (Summer Religious Holiday Festival) gift for a man. Gift buying is something so many of us find daunting. This is actually sad. I love it when I come across something for a friend randomly. The only down side is waiting for a good occasion to surprise them with it. True, gifting for no reason is cool. But usually I'll wait for a birthday or the SRHF.

So you're a woman who has a bloke you'd like to buy something for. But he's a bit new, so as far as you can tell at this point the thing he's mainly into is you.. ..or bits of you. Or, you'd like to get something for the in-law. The family like you, you adore the child of said in-law and all this adds up to the need to impress. For your sake. This was actually the case in the latter of my two inquiries. It's a very fair question.

Here's my simple rule for gifting to men. Make actual conversation about what they were into as boys. Then buy them something that will remind them of their years as an energetic young lad. Who does not like to be reminded of their youth?

I had loads of interests as a boy. One of which was building model aircraft. Plastic models that you painstakingly assembled with glue, the oder of which gave you sweet dreams. Add some careful painting and BAM! You felt like you'd created a miniature world. When I was in my mid 30s, the woman I was seeing TOTALLY surprised me with a 1:32 scale Airfix/Revell Beaufighter for SRHF. I was so stoked.

But here's the thing. Over the next few days, as our friends came by to wish us well for SRHF, my mates would look at the big box on the coffee table and exclaim. Wide eyed, monster grins, so jealous. Their lady halves would look at this reaction in amazement. Their women simply did not understand.

But what is there to understand? I'd just been returned to a time I loved. Besides, the model on the coffee table was of a size I'd have never been able to afford as a boy. A 1:32 scale aeroplane is huge!!

I spent the better part of a year slowly painting and assembling the thing. Zulu Kilo Hotel is actually rotating above my head as I tap keys. Suspended from the ceiling buy a piece of fishing line. Looking up at it just now has given me a lump in my throat.

Talk about something different tonight. About that time when life was fun and way less complicated. Your gifting is sure to be a much happier experience.