Dec 20, 2017

What is the unit of crazy?

All people are a little crazy. If your not, you're likely to be quite boring? Then there's bat shit crazy looking at us from the other end of the human scale. If we divided up the distance between these to points, what should we call each unit?
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Posted by: andrew
After hearing someone discuss levels of crazy, I'm reminded of a cleaner that use to be responsible for shiny in our building back in my less lazy days.
Evidently he'd become stranded in Australia at some point so someone handed him a broom. Either that or New Zealand locked the door after he left. He'd bumble around our offices and my lab every few mornings emptying the bin and annoying the dust. Luckily this only took him a few minutes. He had body odour so thick that it was able to open any door he was about to enter and wish him safe journey. Being in the same room as this man was a task unto it's self. We'd open the windows and go and make a cup of coffee in the tea room and then walk very slowly back to the lab.
One day I thought out loud "I wonder what the unit for body odour is?" There was some discussion and we decided that ppm would simply not cut it. Time has the second, electricity has the Coulomb and Ampere, sound has the Decibel. What about body odour?
Dear readers, I present to you "The Tate". Defined at the University of WA engineering labs 1998. In honour of our intrepid cleaner.
  • 1 Tate - body odour barely perceivable at 0.5 meters (indoors)
  • 2 Tates - body odour perceivable at 0.5 meters (outside, light-moderate breeze)
  • 3 Tates - body odour offensive at 2 meters (any conditions)
  • 4 Tates - body odour still offensive after subject has left your presence for 30 seconds
  • 5 Tates - body odour strong enough that animals move away from subject.
  • 6 Tates - body odour strong enough to age cheese..
Having conquered units of body odour, we then set about defining other units. The Christie - the unit of clumsiness. Was the next cab off the rank.
Obviously the Levels of Crazy post left me wondering what the unit of Craziness would be? One thing I'm sure of is that it's logarithmic..

I'm also wondering if Jerry, the pet pubic hair, is still clinging to the wall of the lab shower cubical after all these years?