Jul 20, 2015

facebook's new rules..

When Google+ launched, they asked people to use thier real names..  No heavy shit.  They just asked if you'd do it when you registered.
facebook responded with "We'll never do that"..
Well guess what?
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Posted by: andrew

Facebook now wants peeps to use their actual name.

RULE CHANGE ALARM.. I never signed up for this!!

As my fb persona was Noisy Andrew, I get a message from fb saying you have 7 days to change your name to it's real one.. And could I please send some form of identification to them to prove my actual name. They suggested a passport or drivers license..

Like I'm going to give fb those details?? 

This has happened to a few people that i know of.. Many folk have fake names or nomdeplumes.. For a number of reasons.  Which are all their business.   Not facebook's.. Or anyone else's.. As far as I can tell, no one else is being asked for proof of ID? Most people I know just picked another name, that was still not theirs..

It's true the I could have doctored a scan of my drivers license and clicked facebook's attach file button.. I'm pretty handy at GIMP (OS photoshop) and I'm sure it would have gotten though. By my ego does not allow me to feel comfortable stooping to deceive an arse hole.

I've been part of Internet social groups long before facebook was around. People have always had handles or user names. It's what the net is and anyone who thinks asking people to use their real names is going to make everyone safer is just fooling them selves.. I think this is purely about collecting data facebook can sell.

No facebook, these were not the rules we all signed up for and even if you did decide to apply them evenly, I'd still tell you to fuck off...