Tricky Pirates

The wonderful woman that shares her life with me loves to play 500. It's a trick taking game. So this got me thinking, can I design a game that uses trick tacking as the action mechanic. Win a trick to do something on a map or board.

Tricky Pirates is what popped out of my head. There are 5 islands. Each has a treasure on it. The player with the most pirates around that island controls that treasure. If you control 3 treasures when each player has had their action, you win.

You play a hand of tricks to move your boats. Each boat can carry 4 pirates. But beware, other boat loads of pirates can board your boats an kill you trusty crew. You best play your cards right.

You can print and play a copy for your self from the files below.  You'll need to pirate some cubes from other games for the pirates. We use beer caps for the boats. 

Download the rules here (340kb)

Draft card deck #1 #2 #3 (they vary but aprox 250kb each)

Draft Map board (3Mb - Yeah it's a little big)

Draft tokens.  (100kb)