Castle Poker

2 - 6 players, 30 minutes.

A while ago I decided a poker style game with a medieval theme would be fun.

In castle poker, players try to make the best poker hand they can. Then they bid stones against the other players for the right to build their castle higher. When the cards are revealed the messenger and trebuchet are activated (assuming either is present in a player's hand). Then the player with the highest hand can place half the stones they've bid on their castle wall.

You only need three stones to win. But this is harder than it sounds.

You can download the Castle Poker rules here

You need to print this file on to an A4 adhesive lable sheet. cut the cards out and stick the messenger and trebuchet to the Jokers in a normal 52 card deck. Then stick the supplies cards over the matching 8s.

Then print out and and cut out your castle place holders. This is the Castle file.

Get your self some cubes or tokens to represent the stones and you're off..