Southeast of Perth Western Australia, lies the little timber town of Yarllop. Behind it are the forests of the Darling Ranges. For more than 100 years, the people of Yarloop milled timber from that forest, brought to their saw mills by a network of tramways.

Yarloop is a tile laying game where players try to place their worker on newly discovers timber coups or the expanding tram network in an effort to score points faster than everyone else. There are 15 double sided, drink coaster sized tiles to make. It's important to match the sides up properly as what's on the back of each tile does matter. I print the tiles on to A4 adhesive table and then stick it on to 2mm card or something. And yes, lining up the front and back of the tiles takes a bit of care. The Graphics here are something I whipped up on GIMP over a few evenings, When I'm more confident in the game, I'll possibly redraw them by hand. I think hand drawn graphics look heaps better.

A game for 2-4 players that takes 30-40 minutes. © Andrew Muhling 2016

Click here for Yarloop Rules

Click here for Sheet one A

Click here for sheet one B

Click here for sheet two A

Click here for sheet two B

Click here for sheet 3 A and B