Evolutionary tilt?

Go back 60 years.. Stand still and look further back. What you see is 100s of years of large scale human conflict.. Large armies asserting them selves over someone else. From before the Victorian era to the late 1950s, Human evolution was all about physical force. Pacifism was out and putting your self in harms way for a cause you believed in was to be admired.

Since then wars have not been anywhere near as grand.. Large scale conflicts are over in a few weeks, not years. Yes the USA has military personal in the middle east.. But the numbers involved are not in the scale of either of the world wars, Korea or conflicts like the Crimean War..

So why have we not had more metallic fisty cuffs over the last 60 years? You can point to the MAD deterrent. But I really think that's a flawed theory. Nuclear powers have shown plenty of willingness to piss off each other of over the end of the last century. Did Nuclear weapons stop Korea or Vietnam? Nope. MAD is simply a sales pitch to justify spending public dollars.

So I wonder if the pendulum of strength is beginning it's inevitable evolutionary swing from the muscle to the mind? Is asserting your self over the rest of your species now about thought rather than knuckle? If you believe in evolution, you understand why the human kind has blown the arms, legs and heads of it's self in an effort to find the toughest genes to spawn. Does this lack of mega conflict show minds are starting to assert them selves over muscle?..

Ask this about your self. You are minding your own business in the street and a random bloke walks up to you and spits in your face. Do you smack him one for being a cock? Or ask him why he did that? 100 years ago, the former would have been the answer most people would have offered. But I'm willing to bet that's slowly changing.

Of course the irony in all this is the number of people who believe in creation that have so fully immersed them selves in this evolutionary struggle. As far as I can see, history shows that Christian armies are the most effective fighters. They do rule the world, and as far as I can see this was not by cheerful invitation.