Welcome to Partymeeple.  It's the home of Noisy Andrew.  A place for him to chat about the things that interest him. 

Roller Dude

Here you'll be able to down load his free print and play boardgames.  Like these and tell me about it and I'll continue to develop them.

Read some of his writings.  When i get happy, angry or just bored, I scribble

Listen to some of his scratchy, amateur recordings.  Musical instruments and chords should be a tripping hazard in every lounge room.

I also tinker and do handyman work.  So those with a problem that needs fixing or a job regular Ttradies may put in the too hard basket, feel free to drop me a line..

There is really no serious point to this place.  It's here for fun and time wasting.  He hopes you have fun wasting your time here..