Country Trains

What a home made version looks like.

This is a tile placement game with additional pieces (trains) that move around on the tiles. There are 3 types of tiles. Station tiles that show a commodity they will accept, country tiles that have commodities printed on them and track tiles to connect the stations.

On their go, each player will place a new tile and move their locomotive. They will then check to see if their locomotive connects a station that provides a commodity to a station that requires that commodity. If they have achieved this, that player will collect the income that connection generates

They may then also have to pay tax to the manager of any of the sidings involved. Loads are then placed on the delivery station to show no more of that commodity is needed. These are removed as the game play proceeds. At the end of the game, the winner is the player with the most money..

The rules fit on both sides of a sheet of A4 paper.  It's one of my design criterias.  Simple rules and playable in under an hour.  That way you can play more than one game in a session..



Click on the links below to get the files you need.
This is a set of rules I tweaked in October 2016. Version 1.2 rules

If you've not got them, I think you should.   I feel the play example is better.   Tile sheet 2 has also been updated as I felt the scoring was broken.  I'm interested to see if people think this is an improvement. comment in the BBG forums if you do (you'll need an account there, but it's perfectly safe).. 

Tile sheet 1 

Tile sheet 2

The old tile sheet 2  for those who'd like to see the changes or prefer the old scores..