Steam Boards

Steam is a great board game from designer Martin Wallace. It is usually played by 3-5 people. My sweet heart owns the game and has an expansion that allows it to be played by only two. This gave me the idea to design a map of the South West of Australia with similar load cube rarity and crowding to the Belgium map in her expansion.

The Game is basically played with the normal 3-5 player rules, with the additions shown on the east of the Western Australian board. The board is set in the late Victorian era, so Kalgoorlie is just getting it's golden wheels on. If not for the tons of gold being mined in the area, there would be next to no reason to build a railway line out there. As Kalgoorlie is 300 km east of Merredin, building the link, requires some special rules.

The pictures are from version three. We found the first two boards were quite solvable, but this one gave us better play. This also means you should be able to play Steam in a bit over 45 minutes.

If you'd like to try this board? Download the A3 pdf (aprox 5Mb) below. A freebie to train game lovers.

2 Player Western Australian Steam board.