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Welcome to the partymeeple web site.

partymeeple publish and distribute board games by Western Australian designers. We are a small scale business that places an emphasis on community and connection. Our games are vetted to have modern Euro' mechanics and a small retail footprint. If shelf space is limited in your retail outlet, our games could be a good fit for your store.

While partymeeple distributes to regular board and card game retailers, we make sure our board game products are physically small so cafes, pubs, news agencies and bookshops can also choose to sell them with out needing too much shelf real estate. While we sell our game online, we only ever price match so as not to undercut our retailers. If you buy a partymeeple game here, you'll pay exactly the same price as if you walked into a store. The key difference being that you can see the physical product when you visit your local retailer, which we think is the best way of getting a partymeeple game. partymeeple shiping is free thoughout Australia.

How's about a free Print n Play game?

If you're crafty and feel like making a game for free? Noisy Andrew has a page where you can download the files for a range of games he's designed. Why not grab your craft knife and glue, then get busy making a print n play game of your own. If any of Andrews print and play games go intoproduction (like Castle Poker has) they will always be free to craft your self also. We like that you're prepared to make the effort building your own copy. Click here to visit Noisy's print n play page.

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If you cant get to a stockist we'll ship free to you anywhere in Australia.

Updated January 8 2021